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Sagittarius Woman: Personality Traits, Love & More

Their passionate search for new experiences is guided by wherever the archer's arrow is aiming at that time. The Sagittarius has to be the hardest sign to start a relationship with. These adventure-seekers can be difficult for any sign to keep up with. A Sagittarius also values their freedom greatly and isn't the type to be tied down.

The Sagittarius man: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

The Sagittarius is free-spirited and needs someone who will respect their desire to remain an individual, even when a relationship turns serious. Knowing all this, it is easy to see why the Aries is the best astrological love match for a Sagittarius. As a fellow fire sign, Aries shares many of the Sagittarius' characteristics. But most importantly, they will understand the significance of a Sagittarius having their freedom as they also require this same independence in a relationship.

Both signs enjoy having some fun and Sagittarius knows that the Aries will always be up for another wacky adventure — no matter where it may take them. These signs share an optimistic outlook on life that will serve them well when they are together and when they are having time apart.

Naturally, this passion and excitement for life will carry over into the bedroom.

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Learn about what Sagittarius Zodiac Sign means and how it affects your life. information about Sagittarius Dates Compatibility, Traits and Characteristics. Here's what you need to know about the personality traits of the Sagittarius zodiac sign, according to an astrologer.

The Aries and Sagittarius will no doubt enjoy a healthy and active sex life. The Aries and Sagittarius compatibility is the most successful because it's the only sign that the Sagittarius will be able to have a lasting relationship with. While most signs would eventually tire of a Sagittarius's intense need for freedom and constant globetrotting, an Aries knows how important these things are.

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In fact, they will probably see it as another way to let their relationship grow. Both signs believe that the time apart is healthy and will indeed, only make their hearts grow fonder. The job possibilities for a Sagittarius are endless and this is because they truly believe that nothing is impossible.

follow They have big dreams and are more than willing to achieve anything they set their minds to make these dreams come true. A Sagittarius will thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced career, like public relations. Something that indulges their physical, on-the-go side, like a personal trainer, is also a wonderful choice for them. Anything that requires travel or allows them to fuel their adventurous side is also perfect for the Sagittarius.

A travel agent, photographer, researcher, or anything that lets them get hands-on with nature and the world is a big check for any Sag. With their optimism and charming personalities, a Sagittarius can be very successful as ambassadors or coaches.

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A career where they can mentor and inspire others will really let them shine. Like we said before, their possibilities are seriously endless. Although a Sagittarius loves making and spending money, they never stress over it. Sagittarius doesn't place a high emphasis on dollar signs.

Sagittarius Traits

To them, it's more about the experience and what they gained from it as a person and that is priceless to a Sagittarius. Being naturally positive admirers of nature, they believe in the universe and know that it will never fail to provide them with everything they need. Follow Us. Sign in.

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Zodiac , Self December 16, At their most basic, Sagittarians are students of life and their central purpose and joy in living is in exploring and expanding their awareness of the human experience and to have a good time doing it. Sagittarians all have a thirst for knowledge that keeps them moving and learning. Their most basic trait is their passion for life. They are optimistic, possess a positive vibe, and are generally funny, cheerful, open-minded, and seemingly carefree individuals.

Perhaps the most defining traits of a Sagittarius man is that he's never at a loss for or minces words.

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He's a versatile guy who loves freedom and liberty but is also a social animal who's well-liked and seldom alone. Sagittarius men love gambling, sports, speculation, and playing the field. All these things give them a sense of adventure and excite their physical, emotional and intellectual self. Like Sagittarian men, Sagittarian women are truth tellers. There are no secrets or half-truths where they're concerned. They are also extravagant.

Sagittarians: Basics

Like Aries and Leo, this zodiac sign needs to keep moving and travelling in order to feel good about themselves. Sagittarius Negative Traits. She falls in love with less effort but can share her feelings for more than one man. Sagittarius woman is the ninth sign of the zodiac. Dating a woman born under the Sagittarius star sign requires an adventurous spirit, because she sees everything as a challenge and can't stand boredom. The Sagittarius-born people are philosophical and have a strong sense of right and wrong. If you want to seduce him, you will have to learn when to hold on and when to let go.

But, other than that, Sagittarian women have a bubbly and exuberant personality, are funny, charming, outgoing, friendly, fun, and never clingy or quick to settle down. Sagittarians are curious, ask questions, and love to talk to anyone and everyone about anything, because of their openness, they have a lot of casual friends. However, they will only be fully satisfied and fulfilled in close relationships that are always fun, active, and intellectually stimulating.

Sagittarians can be a bit gun-shy when it comes to love. They like the thrill of the chase and enjoy spending time getting to know the other person.